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I do photo resoration, colorizing and other photo services in the Scotts Mills, Mt. Angle and Silverton, Oregon area, but will accept work from anywhere. In my local area I can pick up photos that need scanning at no additional cost if I can arrange it with a planned trip to town, or for a small service fee. I also will do event photography at reasonable cost.

I do all of the photo editing work myself - I don't send your images off to someone in some third world country who does the work for a few dollars.  As such I can provide individual service to each of my customers.  Also, you don't pay until you are satisfied with the work and for colorizing work I will make some color adjustments at no additional cost after you have paid and received the finished images.

Quotes are free.  For a quote you can send me a SMALL image file (100K or less) via email to joe@JCHalinar.com (I only have dial up Internet at home at the present time); or you can send a photo copy of the image or the large image file on a CD to my mailing address: J.C.Halinar, 23807 Moss Lane, Scotts Mills, Oregon 97375.  If you live in my local area I can pick up images that need to be scanned and there is no additional charge for scanning images that are restored or colorized.  You can send photos by mail, but I can not be responsible for loss of the photos.

If you are scanning your own photos you should scan them in color mode even for Black and White pictures and if at all possible at 16 bits per channel.  Photos are printed commerically at 300dpi. If you scan your picture at 300 dpi you will only be able to get a new print at the same size and even then the quality may not be as good as a higher resolution scan.  Pictues 5x7 or smaller should be scanned at a minimum of 1200dpi for best results.  8x10 inch pictures shouldn't be scanned at less then 600dpi.  As a general rule, the higher the optical resolution the better the restored image will be.  All scanned files should be saved in tiff format if at all possible or in jpg format at the highest image quality setting possible.  35mm B&W film should be scanned at 4800dpi or higher optical resolution for best results and with the scanner set at 16 bit grayscale.