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I've always been creative with a good visual eye, but somehow that part of my brain didn't get connected to my fingers! I did discover photography at an early age using a Kodak Brownie box camera. I did quite a bit of photography in my 20's and 30's, mostly black and white film and developing and printing my own pictures. Then a career in the nursery business kept me busy, not to mention the lack of a darkroom, lost or damaged equipment, and ever increasing cost due to manipulation of the silver market. I got back into photograph in the early part of this century when good digital SLR's became affordable and invested a fair amount of time into learning Adobe's Photoshop. After 30 odd years in the nursery business I semi-retired and decided to do some of the other things in life that interest me.

I've been "playing" around with fixing up all the black and white images that I've scanned from my negatives for quite some time and colorizing those that have special meaning to me. I doubt that any of these will sit in any museums as examples of great art, but they still have meaning to me and some of them are quite good. In particular I enjoy colorizing black and white images as this is more artistic then straight restoration.

I do still maintain an interesting in gardening and do a very limited amount of nursery business, but I'm now exploring new fields related to photography. There are more then enough professional photographers around and I really do not want to compete with them. I enjoy the artistic side of photography more so then the business side of photography. Besides doing restoration and colorizing work for myself, I've also been experimenting with various aspects of digital art, from abstract images to painted effects. I'll be adding some of these to my web site from time to time and some will be on a commercial web site.

Since I'm sort of retired and do all the restoration and colorizing work myself I'm not under any time pressure to rush a job through to meet some profit margin; thus I can provide more service to each of my customers then the large businesses. My general guiding rule is that you don't pay for anything until you are satisfied with the results.

After printing up some of my images I discovered that finding good picture frames was far more difficult then I thought it should be. The frames at the big box stores were reasonably priced but the quality of the frames were only good enough for run of the mill snapshots and documents, not to mention that many of these frames need to be replaced once they are dropped on one of their corners. The frames at picture frame business were all molded wood, often died some ugly color, maybe coated with a cheap varnish and way over priced. This lead me into making my own frames for my own personal use. While many of these frames have turned out to be very nice, I haven't decided if I want to produce these on a larger volume scale. After making the frames they needed to be stained and varnished which led me into experimenting with making my own stains and varnish!

The goal for the rest of my life is to not sit around wasting time watching TV!