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Photo art

We all have photos laying around that we consider snapshots.  Some of these images, however may contain elements within the pictures that, when isolated by cropping, can be turned in far better picture, or even into works of art.  Digital cameras give us far greater ability to take pictures compared to the days of film, but it also allows us to shot many pictures without the discipline of having only a very limited number of pictures we could take at one time with a film camera.  Amongst all these pictures may lay gems that only need to be developed.  The following images are various example of what can be done with ordinary pictures when the proper design elements are present.

The first picture of a man sitting on a bale of straw might be lying in some scrapbook somewhere and give us a slice of time that has some meaning to someone.  The second picture is cropped and might be in a small frame hanging on a wall somewhere.  The third picture might not be sitting in some museum, but it might well be a large print framed and prominently displayed in a home as a piece of art of a particular person.  The green sweater didn't match well with the background, so I changed it to make it blend in better.

The original picture is of a women at a local fair that makes a decent snapshot.  With some tight cropping, smoothing of the skin and changing the background, we need to ask ourselves if this is some famous Italian actress photographed on a movie site.

The B&W picture was suppose to be a portrait.   However, after colorizing it and adding an artistic background the end result is a rather nice piece of art that would look nice printed on canvas.