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Pricing is mainly determined by the amount of time required to repair or colorize an image.  There is a certain fixed cost for processing an order that can be spread over many images so that a large number of images requiring the same processing can be done at a much lower cost per image then doing it for one picture.  

Quotes:  For a quote you can send your images on a CD/DVD to JCHalinar, 23807 Moss Lane, Scotts Mills, OR 97375.  You can also send a small file for evaluation (100K- 200K or less) as email to joe@jchalinar.com.  All quotes are free.  For questions you can call 503-874-9995 in the evenings.

Tonal & color correction:  Simple tonal corrections for B&W images or color corrections where no other work is required can be done for as low as $5 for one image to as low as $2 each for larger numbers of images taken under the same conditions.

Light restoration:  Light restoration includes tonal and color correction with repairing minor dusting and scratches and can range in price from $10 to $20 depending on how much dusting and scratches need to be repaired.  Many pictures that look very faded but don't have much damage to them will probably fall under light restoration.

Moderate restsoration:  Moderate restoration includes tonal and color correction and repairing of larger scratches, mold damage and color splotches.  Prices can range from $25 to $50.

Severe restoration:  Severe restoration involves repairing images that have significent damage with tearing or pieces of the picture missing.  Cost can range from $50 to $100 depending on the extent of damage.  Some images with severe damage may be repaired in a series of steps where you pay only for the work at is done up to that level.  For example, an image may have a portion of the image that is so damaged as to be the most difficult to do while the rest of the picture may be repaired with far less difficulty.  Thus, a restoration that gets you 90% of what you would like for a cost of $25 might be acceptable considering that repairing the remaining 10% may cost $100 or more.  

Colorizing B&W images:  Colorizing a B&W image is time consuming and requires a lot of tedious and exacting work to get a really good result.  I will colorize to your specifications or use my own judgement for colors which you can change as desired.  The way I set up the file allows me to easily make color changes and I will even make some minor color changes even after you have paid for the final result - for example you may discover that the eys should have been blue instead of brown or the hair color was wrong.  Prices start at $100 and include minor restoration work.

Event Photography:  I will shoot pictures of birthday parties, wedding receptions, social gatherings, sporting events and other small projects that are too small for a full time professional or you only need simple images for local advertising in the Silverton, Scotts Mills and Mount Angle area.  Cost can vary quite a bit depending on what you want.  I can shoot an event and give you the raw images and you do what you want with them to putting together a collection of pictures for framing or making into a photo book.  Cost start around $100, but can be lower for simple events where I don't have to travel too far - for example, you want to sell your house and you want some decent photos with a bit of touching up to make the images more presentable, but you don't need tons and tons of pictures.