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We all have photographes sitting around that have significent meaning to us that have been damaged by time, faded or suffering from improper exposure or development.  Many of these photos may be of family ancestors where only one or a few pictures are in existance. These pictures may be faded, cracked or torn.   Most pictures can be improved to some extent. but there are limitations. Old pictures only contain the information that was captured at the time the photograph was taken. Most older pictures taken on film cameras tend to be somewhat soft compared to what we are used to with digital cameras and may have significent gain that interfers with image quality.

Restoration of old photographes is a time consuming process and as such some photographs may become very expensive to restore.  Restoration work can be done at various levels.  A photograph may appear to be seriously damaged, but a fairly simple tonial correction with some minor repair may be significent enough and a lot less expensive then a full restoration. It all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend on a restoration.  

Restoration of photos can be divided into several categories - tonal corrections of black and white pictures; color corrections from film or digital cameras; minor correction of spotting and small scratches; major cracking and large scratches to extensive damage with torn pictures.

This picture was taken under very cloudy conditions and it really was taken in color.  The original is flat with an blueish/green cast.  A color correction eliminated the color cast and brought some snap back into the picture.  It looks like a black and white image because that was about the only colors in the sceen at the time the picture was taken.

The original picture of the flagpole is underexposed and lacking detail in the shadows.  A basic color correction with some additional attention to the shadows brings out details in the shadows and a slight tweeking of the sky results in an overall pleasing picture.

The original picture of the Scotts Mills Post Office is slightly underexposed and and has an overall dullness.   The picture was cropped to a 5x7 format, color corrected and additional work was done to remove some objects that were somewhat distracting.  The overall result is a pleasing snapshot.

This picture of a volleyball game was taken in a gym with very warm lighting and a deficiency of blue light.   All the images had a unplesent warm yellowish/orange overcast.  A basic color correction brings the image back to more natural and much more pleasing color.

This picture of the white dog was taken in a shaded location and underexposed.  A basic color correction was done along with removing some grass from around the dog along with some removal of debris and covering up some brown patches in the grass. The resulting image is pleasing.  White and black dogs are difficult to photograph, but there is still enough detail in the dogs fur despite the bright white color.

This image of a man on a horse is an overall pleasing natural portrait after being cropped to an 8x10 format, but is improved after the teeth are whitened, some wrinkles reduced and the photo gray glasses are lightened along with some touching up of the background.